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Yemenia was founded by women who protect this cultural heritage in order to keep the traditional Yemeni craft alive and to interpret this healthy shoe form that has been worn for centuries.

These shoes, which came to Anatolia from Yemen centuries ago and are still completed by hand in traditional ways, are; it requires serious arm strength, intense effort and care. In this sector, where men have existed until today, due to the need for physical strength; We want to show the strength, care and solidarity of women.

Our respect for handcraft and special production; The essence of our motivation is to cooperate with strong, hardworking women and to provide women with a profession.

We wish our high quality, long-lasting, healthy food to accompany you every moment of the day...




Yemenia; a cooperative founded by women, powered by women. To teach while producing, to provide a profession, to support women in gaining their economic independence and provide fair working conditions our biggest motivation. 


If you are also interested in this profession, if you want to be economically stronger and take part in this solidarity, join us!

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